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Stuntman Johnny Brusco
Johnny B took his skills to the silver screen, studios, live performances, and into the world of STUNT ACTING. Johnny B performed in front of live audiences at Superstition Film Studios in Gold Canyon, and eventually co-founded the Peralta Gang, an association for stunt actors. Johnny B was part of the Peralta Gang for 12 years; president for 8 of those years. Johnny Brusco was a weapons expert including special efects, pyrotechnics and explosives, a stunt fighter, and a stunt car driver of 4X4's, ATV's, and Motorcycles. The Peralta Gang opened many doors for Johnny B, and eventually led to him siging with a local Talent Agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Arizona market was young, up-and-coming, and allowed Johnny B to excel in such a limited talent market. The talent agency, along with Johnny B's persistance, led to several television commercials, which led to a few bit film roles, which led to the actor/stuntman roles in "Desert Snow", "Cloud Dancer", and "The Gauntlet." The snowball had begun to roll.
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Johnny B and Director Barry Storm discuss a stunt scene (Cloud Dancer 1978)

Johnny's "dummy" in the driver seat.

Johnny B on Fire!

Peralta gang days.
Barry Storm cue-ing the shot.
Not a friendly bunch of ranchers.