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Accepted on a whim: Johnny Brusco toured for a year and a half with 1970's Psychedlic rock band Zephyr throughout the Western United States. Always the persistant gambler, Johnny visited the band while on tour in Mesa, AZ, and Johnny B won over the band on an imprompt audition being that the band had just let go of their drummer. Unfortunately Johnny B would be a part Zephyr's final days.

Zephyr was a "jam band" that flew under the radar in the psychedlic jam band circuit during the late sixties and early seventies. Zephyr's most noteable original lineup consisted of vocalist Candy Givens and Tommy Bolin (James Gang, Deep Purple, Billy Cobham) on Guitar.The band had moderate hits with "Going Back to Colorado" and "Across the River."

Zephyr was the launching pad for Bolin's career, as he moved in various directions jamming and joining various groups. Bolin was a member of the James Gang, Zephyr, Energy, and Deep Purple, all in an eight year time span. Tommy Bolin died in his sleep of complications of a drug overdose in December of 1976. He was 25 years old.

Lead vocalist Candy Givens was a "Janis Joplin-esque" blusey singer with dynamic stage presence, which helped to define the Zephyr sound. After the departure of Bolin in 1971, Zephyr never seemed to capture the media eye again. Candy Givens died in 1984 in a freak jacuuzi drowning accident invovling drugs and alcohol.

The Original Zephyr lineup.

Zephyr Circa 1976 performing at Phoenix Civic Plaza
Zephyr Band Lineup Circa 1976-77
Eddie Harris: Lead Guitar
Franco: Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals
Michael: Bass Guitar
Johnny Brusco: Drums and Percussion
The Last Tour of Zephyr
Johnny B was a part of the "third incarnation" of the Colorado band Zephyr. Johnny recorded demo tracks for the "third" studio album for Dwight Productions in Salty Dog Studios in Anaheim California 1977, but the album never transpired. The radio interview on the home page features these "un-released" tracks, that will never see the light of day.
Johnny B was 21 years old, and it was his first taste of success in the world of the music business. Johnny B juggled careers during this time, being a Studio Stunt actor, and "live" percussionist on tour. This was definitely a "once in a lifetime" opportunity, that he could not pass up. We can't blame him.
Noteable Songs: Goin Home, Across the River, Huna Buna, Crazy About You
Rare Tracks (Featuring Johnny B): Hyper, Escape from Yratilim, Zephyr Rock
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The "White Hendrix" Eddie Harris

Johnny B Rehearsing

One of Johnny's many musical toys over the years