Johnny Don't Surf!
Legedary Psychedlic Rock
Character Witness Please
A Real Gunfighter!

The Legend of Johnny Quickdraw
Words and Music by DJ Blair

There's a legend on day that"ll be passed down
of a man's strong side fast draw
Fastest man between Wickenburg and Blythe
In Arizona State... he set the law

A boy in the desert in a land of rocks and sun
Papa taught him right by the way of the gun
He said Son in this world ther's wrong and there's right
A man draws his line in the sand
don't bring a knife when comin' to a gun fight
You draw as quick as you can

Johnny grew up like the Saguaro tall and lean
in a land where men are feared and the dogs are mean
Riding on his hog in the desert at night
Whiskey and woman by teh campfires light
A legend lives on cause his papa was right
Never bring a knife to a... gunfight

A man who grows old must have done something right
When to walk away or take a stand
The desert will only remember your name
by the line that your life has drawn in the sand

ThHere's a legend one day that'll be passed down
of a man's strong side fast draw
Fastest man between Wickenburg and Blythe
In Arizona State... he set the law

Gunman Johnny "B"
Johnny B was raised in Salome, Arizona. A Small town located halfway between Wickenburg and Blythe. Not much to do out there, so at the age of nine, his father was teaching young Johnny how to load, aim, and shoot a .22 caliber rifle. Driving the farm delivery truck out in the desert was also a fun hobby, at the age of eleven, being that the desolate surrounding areas allowed young Johnny to practice his driving skills (and skidding skills, and burnout skills, and racecar driving skills).
Inspired by western movies Johnny continued his gun showmanship throughout his youth and into his teens. His gun twirling, gun-trickery, and lightning-fast draw, eventually led him to his FIRST PLACE trophy for the FASTEST GUN IN ARIZONA in the "Strong Side Fast Draw" Catagory (Tucson, AZ 1974). Johnny eventually passed up a teaching career in pursuit of becoming a gun-toting, risk-taking, stunt-driving maniac of a performer that his reputation would solidify in the world of western role playing.
In 1992, after 17 years in front of the camera, and live audiences, Johnny Brusco retired from the film and production business, but his pursuit of firearm perfection continues to this day. Johnny is now one of the few who have perfected the art of the "CROSSDRAW."
This highly skilled manuever consists of drawing two semi-automatic firearms in a criss-cross pattern from opposite sides of the body. This of course is done in less than 1 second, and you must be capable of actually shooting a target accurately. Wild Bill Hickok was famously known for this techinique in the days of the "wild west." Johnny B has received much acclaim for his new skill and craft on this, and has now been dubbed "JOHNNY CROSSDRAW" by Tony Walker, writer for many weaponry publications including Guns & Ammo, Conceal & Carry, as well as other books and artciles in circulation.

ATTENTION: Please do NOT ATTEMPT any of these maneuvers with a loaded gun. Johnny Brusco has been practicing these moves for over twenty years, and is a trained professional. The risk of injury in a "stunt crossdraw" is extremely dangerous. Johnny Brusco does not condone imitators, nor does he endorse or encourage amateurs attempting this extremely dangerous act.
This video footage is Johnny Brusco's home footage prior to an exhibition event in Prescott, AZ 2001 showcasing his skills with live ammunition. Johnny is shooting live ammunition within inches of the camera, and luckily, the camera survives.
Enjoy the show.

Please allow a few moments for the video to load.