Johnny Don't Surf!
Legedary Psychedlic Rock
Character Witness Please
A Real Gunfighter!
Special Skills:
Gun Trickery, Quick-Draw, Stunt Fights, Stunt-Driver (4 X 4 & Motorcycle), Pyrotechnics and Explosives, Weapons Master
Motion Picture Credits:
The Gauntlet (1977), Cloud Dancer (1980, )Desert Snow (1989)
Studio Credits:
North Star Productions, Revlon, Storm Production Company, Davenport Productions, Malpaso Film Co, Superstition Film Studio, Coleman Film Productions
Military Training / United States Navy
Arizona State Univeristy: Bachelor of Arts in Education
Honorary Spokesman for the Peralta Gang, Stunt Actors Association
Johnny B's ability to spin a revolver, quick-draw, and cross-draw kept him pretty busy in the entertainment industry throughout the 70's and 80's. A natural at any firearm, explosive, or pyrotechnic stunt, Johnny was a favorite amongst working stunt performers.
Johnny B's trademark mustache, and 6' 4" stature proved to be a beneficial attribute for casting agencies in need of "true grit." Johnny's gun work also led him into the direction of "stage performance" in which a small western town studio set became a tourist attraction featuring the skills and stuntwork of several of Hollywood's "behind the scenes" stuntment and character actors performing live and in person.

Johnny B and his Dad

Gary Busey & Johnny B

Hanging Out in Phoenix, AZ

Clint and Sondra Locke
The Gauntlet Bus in Downtown Phoenix Showing Off For The Ladies
An expensive lens & camera

Break Time on the Set