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Johnny B's Latest CD Release is now available for download!
The latest CD took over two months to record, and features several tracks being played in Japan, Thailand, Australia, and on United States Internet Radio. 9 Tracks of PURE PERCUSSION indulgence. An eclectic mix for an eclectic man and his passion for music and motorcycles.
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Listen To Johnny B ON THE AIR in Thailand
The audio track features snippets of classic Zephyr tracks "Hyper" and "Escape from Yratilim" as well as a few feature tracks from Pure Percussion. Take a walk down memory lane with Johnny B and DJ Lincoln.

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Who Is the Real Johnny Brusco?
He's a world famous drummer, an industry-standard stunt double, western character actor, cross-draw shooting champion, motorcycle enthusiast, former health club owner, survivor of open-heart surgery, and he STILL continues to overcome, over-achieve, and accelerate his life past any boudaries that the Good Lord might throw into his path.
Some say he's part android.
Some say he drank snake venom at an early age working at Superstition Studios back in the hey-day of his gun-toting, gun-trickery days.
Others believe Johnny Brusco is merely a myth; an inspirational Hollywood character concocted to promote the hesitanat Hollywood hopefull into belieivng that anyone can make themselves famous.

Whatever the story that you have heard, one thing must be cleared here today; Johnny B is everything and more when it comes to pursuing your lifes passion, and dedicating your life to being everything you could want it to be.
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Johnny Brusco Back in the Studio

Johnny is currently in pre-production phases of working on a new album for 2013 release based on the teachings and sounds of the big band players of yester-year.
Buddy Rich, Sandy Nelson, Gene Krupa, Sonny Greer, Max Roach, Louie Belson... just a few names of inspiration for the youjng Johnny Brusco when he was growing up in the desert of Arizona.

Johnny will be working towards a Late Summer of 2013 release of this concept album and hoping to inspire those who want to listen.

Godspeed Johnny Brusco.